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Business 2 Business Available to Buy at Logan Business Expo

And at all Logan Chamber of Commerce Events

Business 2 Business Book By Logan Chamber Of Commerce
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Business 2 Business Book

Available to purchase at our expo $35

Business 2 Business is a collaboration written by business members of Logan Chamber of Commerce. It is the very first of its kind and Logan has led the way.

Our aim is to bring business to your business.

We offer ideas and solutions that you too, can use in your business.

Below are the topics of our 14 chapters.

We want to thank the following for their contribution.

Jackie Thompson for formatting our book, layout and design and getting everyone together on the same page!

All proceeds from our sales go back to Logan Chamber of Commerce.


Book 2 is on the horizon......

Business 2 Business Book

Chapter 1 The why of business by Stewart Fleming
Chapter 2 Starting your own business by Terry Skene
Chapter 3 Branding by Amanda Lowry
Chapter 4 Digital Marketing by Carolyn Ferrando
Chapter 5 Culture through the power of many by Robert Guterres
Chapter 6 Cash flow journey by Pat Robards
Chapter 7 Franchising by Tom Potter
Chapter 8 Home-based business by Jackie Thompson
Chapter 9 The things you need to know about IT by Alexis Bowler
Chapter 10 Systems by Tim Stokes
Chapter 11 Isolation in business by Jackie Thompson
Chapter 12 Management of staff by Wayne Rabnott
Chapter 13 Assembling your team by Natasha Hobson
Chapter 14 Work-life fusion by Hayley Wilson


You can also purchase at a Logan Chamber of Commerce Meeting for $35

Or posted within Australia wide $45

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