Stall Holders Information

Stall Holders Information

You will all receive a welcome pack friday morning at your stall.

If you have any prizes or giveaways, please can you advise us on Thursday?

We will need to know the time and your business name, should you like these to be announced via our  PA system?

Floor Staff

Throughout the day there will be floor assistants, either wearing black or white tops, with happy to help badges. Should you be on your own at a stand they will be happy to help, if you require a short break.

Jackie Thompson our expo coordinator will also be on the floor and will be available to  assist during the day 0403057753

Set Up

During both, the expo set up and dismantle high visibility vests/tops must be worn and enclosed shoes.

We will have a few high visibility vests available should you not have one to borrow.

Loading Trolleys

Trolleys must not be used unless they have the wide rubber wheels, (not the thin hard plastic) due to the protection of the flooring.

Expo Badges

We will provide 2 business badges per stall, available Friday morning. The badges must be worn during the expo. If you have more than 2 staff please advise and we can print more.

Electrical Items

Please note all electrical items used, must be safety tagged, before using.

We have an electrician on Friday morning from 8 am to safety tag. There is only power at the stalls if you have ordered in advance when booked.

Battery Chargers

We recommend to bring a power battery pack for your phone, should you not have paid power.

We will be able to charge your phone for a few hours if needed.