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Stall Holders Information



This years venue is Meadowbrook Golf Club, Meadowbrook Logan.

This year's stalls are $250 inc of GST and we have 30 available.


Logan Chamber Breakfast tickets are $35 for all chamber members

 $55 for non-members



If you have any prizes or giveaways, please can you advise us so we can advertise on our media pages?

Floor Staff

Throughout the day there will be assistance. Should you be on your own at a stand they will be happy to help, if you require a short break.

Jackie Thompson our expo coordinator will also be on the floor and will be available to  assist during the day 0403057753


Set up time available Thursday afternoon evening from 4 pm to 7 pm.

We have direct parking at the front to access the venue's room.




Set up and what we provide.

We provide 2 small tables together per stand, the size is approx of a trestle table and 2 chairs.

Please bring a table cloth and you will have space for a pull-up banner.

There are power points around the room, however not directly at your tablespace.

Do you want an outdoor space?

This can also be provided if you require.



Expo Badges

We will provide 2 business badges per stall, available Friday morning. The badges must be worn during the expo.


We will provide bottled water for each stand.

Light refreshments and barista coffees can be purchased, please note COVID spacing is in place when ordering.


Battery Chargers

We recommend to bring a power battery pack for your phone, should you not have power.

We will be able to charge your phone for a few hours if needed as we have chargers.

###You will receive a welcome pack friday morning at your stall###
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